CA$H Loans With Your Title:

Title Loans:
Do you need some green in your blue jeans?  Out of Money?  Emergency?  Have Bad Credit?  Look no further!  David's Auto Sales title loans provide you with instant cash!  Even if you have bad credit.  A car title loan or simply a title a loan where your car title is used as collateral for a cash loan.  Do not stress, come to David's Auto Sales.  We make it easy and quick.......

How Do Title Loans Work?

We will place a value on your vehicle to decide amount loaned.  David's Auto Sales will become a lien holder on your car.  We DO NOT keep your vehicle, you simply drive away with it and your cash!

Payment plans are easy and paid monthly.  The first payment will be due one month from date of your loan origination.  If you choose to payoff early, we do not charge penalties.   Once your loan is paid off, we release the lien, hand over your title, and spare keys.

Why Choose David's Auto Sales for a Loan?

David's Auto Sales is a Texas Licensed Regulated Lender.   We are not a national chain or franchise.  We do not have to call a corporate office or regional manager for approvals.  At David's you will deal with the same person that originates your loan, if you have problems....we answer the phone, look you in the eye and understand difficult times.  Decisions are made promptly.  We will also work hard with you to payoff your loans.   Our office is in a great location with covered parking and easy access.   Here at David's Auto Sales, we have over 30 years in business. Very fast service!

What Do I Need to Apply for a Title Loan?

Applying for a title loan at David's Auto Sales is fast, easy, and secure.  We will do a quick vehicle inspection to determine value.  Once finished, you will leave with cash and your vehicle.


1. Clear Original Texas Title

2. Valid Texas Drivers License

3. Current Utility Bill

4. Spare Key

5. Bring you vehicle for quick inspection