John Coward


John Coward (Little David) purchased David's Auto Sales from his father, David, in November 2003. John grew up at the dealership where his first job was picking up cigarette butts for a penny a butt. It was quite the first job as most everyone in the 80s smoked, especially while looking at cars. Eventually John progressed to washing cars with a chamois dry for a $1.25/car before moving on to mechanics and so on until he was ready to take over ownership of the business.

John’s 10 year old son, Carson, carries on the tradition of working in the family owned business. Carson picks up trash and tries to answer the phones when not busy in school. Like his dad, Carson is very personable and eager to speak to customers. His favorite topics are his favorite XBox game Fortnite, sports cars and candy. 

David's Auto Sales is closed on the weekends allowing John and Carson to go fishing, do homework and participate in Boy Scouts.